Event Details

Teacher: Marie Diamond
Format: 2 days Seminar in Mexico City, Mexico
Date: Saturday and Sunday, December 2 and 3 December 2017
Price: $ 488. Special Price until November 15th, 2017 is $ 378
Language: English with Spanish Translation
Organizer: Karin Del Castillo (KarinD@mariediamond.com)

Join Marie Diamond in a very practical course where you will learn the basic principles of Diamond Feng Shui. To review during the sessions, you can take:
• The plans of your house (can be architectural or drawings). 
• The grades at your front door. Prior to the course, you will receive an email with all the information on how to do this. 
• Photos and home videos on your cell phone. 
• Birthdays for all people who live with you. 

The purpose is to have structural information that will allow you to reprogram your home for yourself, your family and even your business. The plans of the house of 2 participants will be used as case studies.

Module 1: General
- What is Feng Shui
Feng Shui from the entrance of your house/office
- The address of your entry.• Colors and images for the hallway.        
- Golden or silver energy input.     

Module 2: Personal Feng Shui
• Your personal energy number.
- The archetype of energy and what it means for your success, health, and relationships.
- How to activate your living room, bedroom, and office. 

Module 3: Feng Shui in the bedroom
- The position of the bed.
-  Images in the bedroom.
- Colors in the bedroom.
- Activations for romance and health.  

Module 4:  Feng Shui in the office
- The address of your desktop.
- Images in your office.
- Colors in your office.• Money, recognition, and success in your workspace.
- Gold or silver work space. 

Module 5. Basic steps to clean the negative energy of your spaces
- How to lighten the energy of your home or office. 
 Feng Shui Muscle Test: Demonstrating the Energy Change You're Creating• Learn how to quantify changes as you make your activations.VII. The 5 things you should always do in Feng Shui•  Know the basics that should not be missing in your home or office.VIII. The 5 Things You Should Never Do in Feng Shui •  Know the things that ruin good Feng Shui in a space.

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Marie Diamond Group
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