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Created by Marie Diamond

You have your own individual pathway in this life, your personal trials and triumphs, influenced by a specific set of vibrations called the Spiritual Codes.

There are seven Spiritual Codes.  Each Code is one of the beautiful colors of the rainbow:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Each Spiritual Code is also associated with an archetype: builder, contributor, creator, healer, discoverer, luminary, and visionary.

Your Spiritual Codes shape your life. Each is connected with a particular way of being and include your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

As a human being, you are evolving to become fully aware of your spiritual oneness with the Universe.  The challenges and victories of life are there to help you master more of your connection with the universe.

When you know your Spiritual Codes, you understand your innate drive and you have a deep understanding of your life.  This can lead to great professional rewards and immense personal satisfaction.  After all, when you are in alignment, everything in life supports you.

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