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You are stuck and you wish to move forward in your life? You feel that abundance is not coming, but perhaps you have not allowed the space for money to come in to your life? In order to create more flow, you need to LET GO and to LET COME in.Asking is not enough, creating space to receive is key.There are four levels of space clearing. In order to really receive what you wish from the universe/God, you need to release on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.PART 1: Physical Space Clearing your body, home and office so that you can receive all the gifts that you ask for by creating new physical energy.  Marie will share with you about de-cluttering and detoxing your home; the impact of creating order in your closets and how to start; computer space clearing and the effects on your business; physical space clearing tips for success, romance, health and wisdom; releasing the electromagnetic fields.PART 2: Emotional and Mental Space Clearing of your body, home, and office. Marie Diamond will share with you about emotional release work; letting go of pain, doubt and fear by changing your environment; how changing the images and symbols around you can change your feelings about others; cleaning up your life by forgiving yourself and others; how space clearing changes your brainwaves; emotional space clearing tips for success, romance, health and wisdom.PART 4. Mental Space clearing. What are the old mind programs of your ancestors, your cultures you are still holding on to about money, success and relationships. How can you change them and create new inner dialogue and conversations that are benefitting you to have the best life ever.PART 4: Spiritual space clearing of your body, home, and office; do you feel wandering spirits in your home and you want them to leave? Release the old traumas and memories in your home and office; spiritual space clearing tips for success, romance, health, and wisdom.Price: $ 168

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