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FENG SHUI ALCHEMY BASICSEnergizing your Success, Money and Romance with  She is going to share ultimate Energy Secrets of the Ancient Feng Shui Masters how to change the Energy of your home by using common things in your homeLike candles, gemstones, flowers, plants, windows, mirrors, incense, symbols and etheric oils with Feng Shui Alchemy. Feng Shui Alchemy is the art of using commons objects to enhance the energy of a home and of a person/ business. Marie Diamond has never shared this amazing new information in how to change AND enhance the etheric field of your home/office for Success. This is not space clearing it is SPACE ACTIVATION.This is not connected with any religious background but it is about pure intention and focus in a ritual way to add at least 20% to the results you have already with Diamond Feng Shui. What do you learn in this New Feng Shui Course Your home is a living being and you need to communicate with it thru vibrations and ritual intensions. -       How to activating your candles with etheric oils to create more abundance, romance and success. -       How your plants can support your romance, relationships by giving them activated water-       How your symbols can be placed on certain times of the day/month so that you have the highest outcome of          your attentions-       How you can bless your front door with a ritual intention for success, money and health-       How to stimulate your money luck and romance luck with using Feng Shui Alchemy on your gem stones-       How to enliven your mirrors, your images so that the results of your Feng Shui Images will be 20 %                   stronger.-       How the use of certain essential oils on your Feng Shui symbols will vibrate higher and get more results with         your goals.-       How using certain incense in your home can change the negative flow of your money to a positive flow-       How you can re- vibrate your personal energy with Feng Shui Alchemy. Marie Diamond has learned this information since her 15 years old but only got this week the permission of her Feng Shui Spiritual Masters of Light to release this information. She is very excited and wants you to be part of this. 4 Video's and audio'sValue is $ 398normal Price is $ 198    

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