Quantum Dowsing Mastery Audio Program

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Teacher: The creator of Diamond Dowsing and Master Dowser, Marie Diamond

In the Diamond Dowsing Quantum Mastery audio program, you will learn the information used by the Egyptians, Druids, Templars, and Freemasons in the construction of their pyramids, temples, stone circles and the cathedrals of Europe.

In this program, you will learn:
- How the brainwaves of the earth are working and if your home is on a yin or yang line of the brainwave. You will learn how to cure it if you are not in harmony with the brainwave of your home and to balance it with the brainwaves of the earth.
- Understand more about the Ascension Point and how it connects with the ancient Ascension Points and which well-known historical points are connected with the Ascension Point of your home.
- Learn how to bring the Ascension Waves in action so you are connected in with the Ascension Grid of the planet, which was created by the Ancient Ones.
-  History of all the Ascension Points that are still in action and how to align your home and business with the Ascension Grid.
-  Find the Grounding Point of your home and how it affects your manifestation of your Ascension Field.
-  Harmonize the Ascension and Grounding Point with each other to manifest Heaven on Earth.
-  Learn how to connect with the right tone, symbol, music, color to activate your Ascension Home.
-  The karma that is collected on the Ascension Grid affects you, your family and your business. Learn how to release this ancient karmic energy of your home and land.

4 Audio Sessions plus manual
Price is $ 598