Diamond Quantum Colors Home Study course

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Created by Marie Diamond
You may know that Marie Diamond has the gift of sight.
She can see energy.  She sees energy flowing all around us.

Some people can see auras, but Marie can see much more.
These energies that she sees have different colors, and she's been learning since childhood that certain colors, which she calls the Quantum Colors, are directly associated with "qualities" that we need in our lives.

Marie has devised a simple, yet comprehensive, way that YOU can use the energies and these 24 colors to bring their qualities into your life.  For example, with this knowledge you may:

- Bring honesty to a situation when you or others have been less than honest
- Release tensions and stresses
- Get help and collaboration when you really need it
- Turn an air of sadness into feelings of compassion
- Turn feelings of helplessness into power
- Bring passion into your relationship. 

Marie's process is fascinating, quite simple, and it works.  It empowers you to take control of the circumstances of your life.  Your steps will be simple:

(1) Find out what is important to you and which qualities support this goal,
(2) Use the manual to determine the colors, and
(3) Use Marie's brief meditation to "connect" the energy.  

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