Diamond Dowsing Certification Program

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Are you ready to become Certified in Diamond Dowsing? 
You can begin the process of becoming a Certified Diamond Dowsing Consultant when you have studied the Diamond Dowsing Basics Home Study course or have taken an in-person course with a Diamond Dowser Certified Teacher.

 Marie Diamond and her Master Dowsing team are here to support you every step of the way.  The Online Diamond Dowsing Certification consists of: 

- Video program Diamond Dowsing Advanced Plus E-Book  Value 398 $
plus you receive access also the Audio Program.
- Video Program Quantum Diamond Dowsing Basics Plus E-Book  Value 398 $
plus you receive access also to the Audio Program
- Video Program Quantum Diamond Dowsing Advanced plus E-Book Value $ 498
plus you receive access to the Audio Program
- Video Program Quantum Diamond Dowsing Mastery plus E-Book Value$ 598
plus you receive access to the Audio Program
- Lifetime membership to the Diamond Dowsing Club with a Master  Dowser
(each month sixty minutes) - Value 998$ 
- 120 minutes Group Mentoring Session (maximum 4 people) with a Master Dowser to verify your studies.  The mentoring sessions are designed to create a strong foundation for your certification program.  You will receive 1 hour of mentoring when you begin the program to check your basic dowsing and 30 minutes of mentoring after each of the programs.  Value 1996$
- Lifetime Diamond Team Membership Fee - Value 498 $  
- Inner Diamond Meditation Basic Program – Value $298  
- Inner Diamond Meditation Advanced Program – Value $398  

Total Value $6,077
SPECIAL PRICE for you: $ 4,198 (30 % didscount)

 In addition to the programs listed above, your certification includes: 
- Diamond Dowsing Manuals and E-Books
- Recorded previous Dowsing Meditations and Audio's
- Plus access to a private Facebook Group to receive the support of a Master Dowser and the Diamond Dowsing community. 
- Space Clear your Life Audio Program ($ 298)
- Feng Shui Alchemy Basic Audio Program ($ 298)
- You get 10 % affiliate fee for all your Dowsing products purchases.

When you register for the Diamond Dowsing Certification Program, you will become a part of the global team committed to bringing these transformational tools to your family, friends, and others.

You will be supported by Marie Diamond's certified and highly trained team of professionals as they help you reach your goal in becoming a Diamond Dowsing Consultant. 

Once you are certified, you will be part of the Diamond team and be registered under the Diamond team on the www.MarieDiamond.com website. 

You will also receive your certification paper in a pdf file and can market yourself as a certified Diamond Dowser. 

Additional Information about the program:
Once you purchase the Certification program, you will receive an affiliate link of 10% on all Marie Diamond products purchased. Once you are certified, you can continue to receive a 10% discount as you are an affiliate as long as you wish.

You can also become a distributor for the dowsing products. Contact office@mariediamond.com for more information. 

As a Certified Diamond Dowser, you will be responsible for your own clients and for any results you may have through your dowsing consultations.  Marie Diamond Global is not responsible for your results and your clients. 

You will be responsible for attracting your own clientele in your market. There is no limit to your market and you are free to advertise your services in your own area as well as online worldwide. 

We suggest that all Certified Diamond Dowsers use the prices indicated by Marie Diamond Global for your market. As a Certified Diamond Dowser, you will have the opportunity to receive referrals from Marie Diamond.com.  When you receive a referral, you agree to pay 30% of the negotiated price to Marie Diamond Global.

Certified Diamond Dowsers are certified as dowsing consultants only.  This does not give you license to teach the dowsing courses.  If you are interested in becoming a Certified Diamond Dowsing Teacher, please contact us at office@MarieDiamond.com. 

All information received during the certification program is copyrighted by Marie Diamond and cannot be shared without her consent.  The program is not refundable after 30 days.  

When you are interested in becoming a Certified Diamond Dowsing Teacher, please contact us at office@MarieDiamond.com.

When you have done several of these steps already, contact office@mariediamond.com to get a different package and price.