Diamond Feng Shui

Marie Diamond has created the Diamond Feng Shui School in 1994.

Diamond Dowsing

Marie Diamond created a unique Energy Method to find in your environment the stress zones that affects your health, your money flow, your romantic luck and the harmony with your family. She teaches you how to cure the blockages in the Law of Attraction field of your Home and Office.

Inner Diamond Meditation

You will learn how to use the Law of Attraction with your Soul and create Heavenly Luck. You raise your Energy and open up easy and effortless to the Messages of the Universe by using the Inner Diamond Transformation Program.


Marie Diamond is an International Best Selling Author of Books, E-Books and Home Study courses on Transformation, Spirituality, Feng Shui and Dowsing. Check here her latest publications.

Home & Office

Marie Diamond has created an Interior Design line of Candles, Pillow cases, Mats, Mugs and more to support your personal Transformation and Feng Shui in your Home and Office. Click here for more information.


Marie Diamond offers you a FREE 45 minutes Coaching Session with her Diamond Coaching Team. Let go of your limited beliefs and receive the support to manifest your goals and vision for the future by the world class coaches trained by Marie Diamond.

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